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Trade books with others! So often once we finish a book, we simply put them on the bookshelf and never return to them. Why not giving your book away to someone who would like to read it as well?  As we were sitting in Barnes and Nobles this morning, enjoying the ray of sun catching up with us, we came up with the idea of helping people reach books they would like to read and then gifting them to others many times over.

To give a name to our gift movement, we came up with the name BookLand. BookLand of course does not make up the rules in any way, it is simply an idea that we hope will mean something to many of you. There are so many options how you can gift a book to others, GripRadio only lands the space for you to find the person who needs a book gift from you. Post the books you don’t need anymore but think someone else might be happy to read. Contact each other to set up the exchange.

Some of you might decide to gift the book and the shipping charge, while others might ask for the shipping charge before they send out the gift. Often you might be able to just meet up in person as well. Whichever way you choose it is always between the two parties how they decide on the exchange. Gifting something to someone is a great feeling for both the gifter and the receiver. You can gift anything you like but here on GripRadio we only provide space for book gift as we ourselves are book lovers. We hope you find BookLand meaningful and if you are ready to start your book gifting adventure, simply click on the button below and transport yourself into the world of BookLand. Good Luck everyone and happy reading.