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As you have noticed we cater to everything that is media. Online news, social media, web development, radio, podcast, photography,voice over are all grouped together under the GripRadio umbrella. We have websites within our website, creating a radically new environment for those browsing online.

And why is this beneficial to you?

Instead of paying for an online ad for photographers and then another ad targeting web developers, we offer you to have the opportunity to reach all on one site. Can you imagine the potential number of people seeing your ad within the similar media fields? Not to mention we do provide news material that draws people to our site anyways. With us you can target many industries that are all interconnected in every single way. This is what we do. We unite everything that belongs to each other. If you feel your marketing strategy needs an edge, than give us a try and see the results instantly.

Do you see how we work? Why not handle everything through one channel?  Us!

We coordinate it all in our headquarter.


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Please note that GripRadio keeps its right to refuse your advertisement. We only let advertisers onto the site and into our programs who we feel are passionate about making our world a better place. Thank you.